Friday, July 11, 2008

I have some happy and sad news, and i am not sure how to apply the feelings. Morgan and I are coming home. This was not an easy choice to make, know that but our time has come to come home. We have both been pretty sick with pneumonia and have not been able to shake it.

for a while we were confused as to why we were sent here. why did it all seem so easy and perfect for us to come here. I think what is the craziest part is that we did have a great experience here. after hours of crying and processesing we know why we both came together. you see, some challenges that plague us in our everyday lives are very similar. Here we were forced to confront these challenges and start the processes of overcoming them. This was the hardest journey, experience, you name we have ever had to endure. I know that we are different people because of it. I feel that we are better people because of it. Its weird how after such a short amount of time; your life, feelings, personal being can change so much. I guess all it takes is one moment....ONCE... :-)

Morgan and I are doing much better both physically and emotionally. I could not think of someone better to share this experience with. I am sooo glad it was with her. We were sooo good for each-other, it is apparent why we both went on this journey. I will be forever grateful for the experiences and memories that we will share. I love you! Thanks for everything Morgan!!

It was hard to say goodbye to momma, pappa, the staff and kids but as i was saying goodbye a huge part of me was already feeling better. I began to feel connected again. Connected in every sense of the word, to my person, to home, to the compound, everything. I am happy to be coming home but know that i do look forward to coming back next year. to lima and to cusco. I have much of this city to explore and look forward to sharing this next experience with all who can come.

Today we are in cusco...which I love....and tomorrow we are in lima. I cant wait to be with the new family i have their. they are all sooo freaking wonderful! plus we will be one step closer to home...and the bakery (in lima)...hahaha. we will be in lima for 3 days and i return on the 16. i love you all. thank you for your comments e-mails, support, and love. we could feel it here trust that!

see you soon


George said...

I am so sorry that you two had to go through so much but I thank God that both of you have the sense to find the lesson and good in it.

I love you heaps and cannot wait to see you.

Be safe.

bartns5 said...

Lisa,You are a wonderful woman. God has had His hands on you. We know this was a hard decision. Made with your heart and mind too. We can't wait to have you in our arms. Mark says have a strawberry tart for him!!
We love you.

Anonymous said...

Your hearts were definitely in the right place in pursuing this trip. God knows your hearts and the circumstances of the children. May He continue to protect the children. May He continue to help you grow and learn in faith and love. I am proud of you both.