Friday, July 18, 2008

So we are home now. Its good to be home but I thought I would be way happier about it. I really miss Peru. We had a great experience their and learned a lot. My flight was good, it was great to see morgan, clay and nancy at the air port. It was nice to see my grandparents, it was nice to be in my bed and it was nice to have all the phone converstations.

thank you so all that sent me letters, it was sooo nice and such a surprise!!

thank you all for all you love, prayers and support! one thing i learned while i was gone was just how much i love you all! I knew i love you all a lot before, but this is time it was different.

I put some pics up here. The first pic is of morgan and I at Papa Wasis, the second pic is a morgan and a pack of bulls- not the same bulls that chased me, the pic

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

so its my last morning here. I just finished b-fast and juice...yummy and now i am going to finish packing. it is quite here without morgan. It felt weird not to see her face this morning...saying time to get up...hahaha. unfortunately her first flight is finished by now, and now she waits for 10 hours unitl 7pm tonight to board her last plain.

Baline is picking me up at 11:30 to take me to the airport. my flight leaves at 3pm. I cant wait, but am very sad. I cant believe my time here in lima is over. It all went soooo fast. I very glad to be leaving on such a high note. I cannot wait to return. Praximo I keep saying.

much love, see you all soon.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAN!!!!!! even though you are with me...hahahaha

Morgan and I are not reading each others blogs until we get home.....should make for some fun reading. We are interested in seeing the different perspectives.

Anyway, today we went to church with Ariclie. FINALLY it felt sooo good! it was a nice filler up!! hahaha. I feel sooo much better, (just like a cold), I think it is because I am in a place that feels like home. They treat us like their kids and love us so much! we saw steve and julie off at the airport, it was great to see them their! once again another filler up!

tonight we are going to pachacama (i think thats how you spell it, morgan is not around to ask) and tomorrow i think that Ariclie is taking me to the Gold Museum. should be fun! and we are finally home on Wed!!! we cannot wait to be home!!! see you soon!!

by the way...i am totally addicted to the empenada...especially the ones at the bakery!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi all!! we are here, safe and sound in Lima. I love Lima....I will post tomorrow. Talk to you all soon. Kisses.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I have some happy and sad news, and i am not sure how to apply the feelings. Morgan and I are coming home. This was not an easy choice to make, know that but our time has come to come home. We have both been pretty sick with pneumonia and have not been able to shake it.

for a while we were confused as to why we were sent here. why did it all seem so easy and perfect for us to come here. I think what is the craziest part is that we did have a great experience here. after hours of crying and processesing we know why we both came together. you see, some challenges that plague us in our everyday lives are very similar. Here we were forced to confront these challenges and start the processes of overcoming them. This was the hardest journey, experience, you name we have ever had to endure. I know that we are different people because of it. I feel that we are better people because of it. Its weird how after such a short amount of time; your life, feelings, personal being can change so much. I guess all it takes is one moment....ONCE... :-)

Morgan and I are doing much better both physically and emotionally. I could not think of someone better to share this experience with. I am sooo glad it was with her. We were sooo good for each-other, it is apparent why we both went on this journey. I will be forever grateful for the experiences and memories that we will share. I love you! Thanks for everything Morgan!!

It was hard to say goodbye to momma, pappa, the staff and kids but as i was saying goodbye a huge part of me was already feeling better. I began to feel connected again. Connected in every sense of the word, to my person, to home, to the compound, everything. I am happy to be coming home but know that i do look forward to coming back next year. to lima and to cusco. I have much of this city to explore and look forward to sharing this next experience with all who can come.

Today we are in cusco...which I love....and tomorrow we are in lima. I cant wait to be with the new family i have their. they are all sooo freaking wonderful! plus we will be one step closer to home...and the bakery (in lima)...hahaha. we will be in lima for 3 days and i return on the 16. i love you all. thank you for your comments e-mails, support, and love. we could feel it here trust that!

see you soon

Sunday, July 06, 2008

First and most importantly to all the birthdays i missed and to all the birthdays yet to come this week..

Cough cough....happy birhtday to you all happy birthday to you all happy birhtday to Monica, Jenn, Janceece, Donny, Jeff happy birthday to you.

there are a couple more later this month but i am hoping to post by then.

Hello all!!

things have been going pretty well so far. today we all went to church, to be honest i cant wait to find another church to worship in one sunday. I could use some up lifting. I like attending a different church but it would be nice to feel a little more connected.

work on the grounds is very hard, and never ending. I have sooo much respect for mamma and pappa. they are the mom and dad and are here every day, all day. they have so much love for all 37 of these children. I dont think i could do it. for 2 months yes, for the rest of my life, i am not sure.

I am doing well, was a bit sick but am much better. thanks to Morgan. I know that most of you know this already, but she is an amazing person! she took very good care of me...:-)....not sure what i would do with out her here. Though, Morgan is a bit sick as well now but she too is doing better.

we are doing well! love you all very much

Monday, June 30, 2008

So today was great, horrible, then great again. We woke up got the kids off to school and had the rest of the day to ourselves. Morgan and I cleaned our room...which we both think had not been cleaned since!!! It felt sooooo great to get the place all nice.

Then came time for us to walk down and pick up the kids. there are two the kids approach us we grab there hands and walk them home. Morgan and I both asked about the preschoolers but were assured they would be home. So we continued on our way...when we reach home we were greated with, donde esta christofer Y that we turned around and walked down the hill. Morgan took off, nicki went in the other direction and I stayed where the road split. That was the crappiest feeling ever...two little kids lost...and a search party out for them...and I had to stay at a split road...hahaha. Then further down the hill i see the best sight ever...morgan walking up the hill with both kids. Morgan found them asleep at the school with no supervision. No one was around. It was soooooo scary. Poor morgan, she was in shock for about two hours, honeslty she thought they were dead. They are both very very sick. the most disturbing part was that no one really thought that this was a big deal. that hurt.

the kids were found, the room was cleaned, lunch was done, and home work started. Morgan and I went into town for dinner and to pick up some amoxicillan for the kids. OH MY GOSH!!! we had the best dinner, (next to the dinner that doris made for us)

It was sooo good that I will quote grandma Gloria and say ¨you can always tell the sign of good meal when it is followed with a hearty belch!!!!¨ and it was sooooo good that when Morgan belched I could taste her dinner. which was triple huevos, queso Y jammon, with garlic dipped frys and gralic bread. I had a personal pizza...which was totally amazing!!!

Sorry to say this grandma and grandpa.....but i also had the best beer ever!! i saved the bottle wrappper to scrapbook it was sooooo good.!!! light, cool and yummy. Morgan and I had a great bonding meal. we laughed we burpped and now we type. Such a great life and experience....hahaha. Highs and lows....mountains and valleys. all good things.

I love blogging by the way....its nice to just type. (thought i would say that).