Friday, July 18, 2008

So we are home now. Its good to be home but I thought I would be way happier about it. I really miss Peru. We had a great experience their and learned a lot. My flight was good, it was great to see morgan, clay and nancy at the air port. It was nice to see my grandparents, it was nice to be in my bed and it was nice to have all the phone converstations.

thank you so all that sent me letters, it was sooo nice and such a surprise!!

thank you all for all you love, prayers and support! one thing i learned while i was gone was just how much i love you all! I knew i love you all a lot before, but this is time it was different.

I put some pics up here. The first pic is of morgan and I at Papa Wasis, the second pic is a morgan and a pack of bulls- not the same bulls that chased me, the pic


George said...

No pics :(

Glad you are home.

rebecca said...

youre home now???!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa! Welcome home. So glad you had a great experience in Peru. Looking forward to hearing from you. Are you ready to work? Social work needs you! Take care, Lisa. Kathryn